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Famous Last Words

         These pages is a tribute to all the really stupid, and really memorable things characters (and players) in my group have done. These are usually ended by the characters immediate and brutal death (but not always).

Roll a 20 ! Click Here
I Catch it in my teeth Click Here
Big Ba Da Boom Click Here
How Many? Click Here
Whoops, Boom! Click Here
Euphoric Click Here
The Curse of "Kelly Bundy" Click Here
Popcorn, Cakes, Braindead and Sleeping Click Here
Close the Airport Click Here
Dork Conspiracy Click Here
Blood Click Here
Run Bart Run Click Here
Our Inside Man Click Here
The Prince`s Manservant Click Here
Vampire (K`s Version) Click Here
The Killer Out of Spaz Click Here
"Child Molester" Click Here

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