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        Hi, well the old information about me has been up since late 2001, and now (early 2008) its changed a lot, so. . . .

        Hi, I'm Freddy the web master of this site, I'm a guy in his mid 30's with two sons and a very understanding wife. Since I created this site, I passed my HNC, HND, BSc and PgDIT, and now work in web development professionally, although do keep up to date with computing in general.

        I live in the west of Scotland (in a coastal town with a view of the Isle of Arran), and as well as enjoying Role Playing Games, I like movies (most genre`s and types, I have an extensive video library), reading SF and humour (I have a huge quanitity of books), computers, computer gaming and the Internet.

        My favorite film is "Pump up the Volume", My favorite singer is "Bjork", My favorite tv series is "Star Cops" (although I`m tempted to say "Wallace and Gromit"), my favorite book is "Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen", my favorite comedian is "Mark Thomas" or "Eddie Izzard", my favorite actor is "Christian Slater", my favorite actress is "Winona Ryder" and my favorite comic is "Watchmen".

        I freely admit to being a big kid at heart, but go on tell me whats so great about being grown up anyway if you`re not allowed to be a big kid. In my role as a big kid, I like reading comics, staying up late, sleeping late, playing video games and eating way too much chocolate, and now spend much of my time indoctrinating my wife and children so that one day they will become Role Players as well.

        I`ve been a Role Play Gamer since I was about thirteen, when I bought an issue of Imagine while I was on holiday and was hooked by the fantasy elements within it. I soon located a guy who Dungeon Mastered AD&D in my school, and signed on to play. The first adventure I played, there were three players including myself, and the Dungeon Master, they were all far more advanced players than me, but it didn`t seem to matter (apart from the difference in the levels of our characters). After that first adventure (which took about 3 saturday afternoons to complete) I borrowed the rules from the DM, and gamesmastered my first adventure the next week.

        My first adventure wasn`t exactly brilliant, I designed a city, and filled it with random encounters and a couple of small dungeons. It was a huge success, and although I never ran a game for that group again, I had really gotten the taste for gamesmastering. Unfortunately that group fell apart soon after (people leaving to go to college/ university, etc), and I only got the chance to play AD&D, Traveller and Top Secret.

        I left school and got myself a job, and although some friends talked about starting up a group, nothing really came of it, until I was made redundant at the grand old age of eighteen. With plenty of spare time during unemployment, I decide to get some stuff together and create my own campaign, and with three friends as players I started to gamesmaster again. With this group I gamesmastered my own game ToF-SE, and had the chance to play Toon and GURPS Fantasy, but this group only stayed together for about a year before it fell apart as well.

        A year or so later I met L in a computer games store(he`s not an easy guy to miss), we started talking and he ended up giving me a lift home because he wanted some Amiga software I had. Once there he saw the large collection of Shadowrun stuff that I had, and invited me to the game of Shadowrun they had going that night. Apparently their group had been looking for new members, and K turned up for the first time that night as well. Which is how I got in with my current group, various members have come and gone over the years, and we have had a few different locations for playing, but have become firm friends (with all the squabling and arguements that entires).

        Well thats about as personal as I`m going to get on the Internet, if you want to know more, or just to chat, give me a mail, I`m pretty socialable really.

Page designed in Notepad, logo`s on Personal Paint on the Commodore Amiga.
Text and Logos created by FreddyB. Picture by Ian Carballo, photography expert (or at least at the time the only person I knew with a digital camera).
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.