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Corellian Hound View Update

23/March/2009 Posted by Freddy

        Just a quick update to say thanks to whoever added the site to Stumbleupon, since it was added on friday we've been averageing around 1,100 visitors each day (recently we've been getting around 200 a day), its certainly a boost to the ego to suddenly see lots of people turn up to have a look at the site.
        Anyway, thanks again to whoever added us to Stumbleupon, and hello to all you people, hope you find something of interest.

        I've added a quick poll, because I'm interested what all the new visitors actually came to see.

        Oh, and since I'm ending the previous poll to do this, I might as well announce the results. Well Forbidden Planet romped home, which is pretty darn right as it is a classic movie. War of the World came second (my son has been watching the 1950's version at school as part of their work on HG Wells (they also listened to the Jeff Wayne musical version), which simply made me think that school is way cooler than it was when I was going). Anyway, the full results were.

Which is the best old film?
The Thing from Another World
 [tally] 7
War of the Worlds
 [tally] 36
 [tally] 17
The Time Machine
 [tally] 28
The Day the Earth Stood Still
 [tally] 16
The Day the Earth Caught Fire
 [tally] 5
Forbidden Planet
 [tally] 50
Creature from the Black Lagoon
 [tally] 3
This Island Earth
 [tally] 0
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
 [tally] 4
The Fly
 [tally] 5
Plan 9 from Outer Space
 [tally] 5
votes: 176

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