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        ""Aries: (March 21—April 19)
                God will confess that He does play dice with the universe, but explain that He used the 16-sided kind during His Creation-spanning game of Dungeons & Dragons.": The Onion


        Added Knights of the Old Republic Armour and Equipment, Knights of the Old Republic Accessories, Knights of the Old Republic Grenades and Mines and Knights of the Old Republic Energy Shields to the Star Wars D/6 The Equipment Section, all incredibles contributions by Joe St Laurent, of which we'll see more next week.       


        Received the following email from Chad Peter and wanted to bring it to everyone's attention.

        First off, my apologies for the spam-ish nature of this email. I'm doing my best to promote my latest short film, "Roleplayed".

        The flick is 15mins long and available for download from my website, etc, etc. It was inspired by the fact that I had to move away from my old gaming group and now have to deal with the fact that I can't roleplay (at least, not yet). It's got some foul language and some intense moments in it, despite the fact that it's a dark comedy.

        I'd love any help promoting the release of the film that you'd be willing to give! Thanks!

The movie:


135 MBytes - H264. Quicktime 7 required.

15 minutes running time

The official website:


        Thanks for your time, Freddy!

        Well I've watched it, and I loved it, so head on over and give him all the support that he deserves for this truly brilliant piece of work.


        Added Knights of the Old Republic Implants to the Star Wars D/6 The Equipment Section, another fantastic contribution by Joe St Laurent, many thanks to him.       


        Well, I've finally gotten around to doing a new poll, so the old one can finally finish. And the winner of this 6 month poll is Serenity, with the Imperial Star Destroyer coming a close second in this poll of Coolest vessels. The previous winner, The Millenium Falcon comes third, with the full results looking like. . .