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Sample Page: Merr-Sonn SC-Marine Combat PowerSuit

Merr-Sonn SC-Marine Combat PowerSuit

The Merr-Sonn SC-Marine combat powersuit is often used by a variety of forces
for everything ranging from hazardous enviroments to vacuums to completely
normal combat missions. The SC-Marine armor is extremely bulky but provides
excellent protection against both energy and physical weaponry.

For use in not-so-friendly enviroments the suit comes equipped with a heating
and cooling unit, a waste disposal unit, carries fifteen full hours of
atmosphere and is self-patching to a certain degree.

The armor was also designed to be easily modified with built in compartments
for the possible installation of a holographic targeting system which would
normally be hooked up to the user's main weapon.

Model: Merr-Sonn SC-Marine Combat PowerSuit
Type: Military multipurpose powersuit
Scale: Character
Skill: Powersuit operation: Marine armor
Cost: 3,500 credits
Availability: 3, R
Game Notes: The suit has 15 hours of atmosphere, heating unit, waste unit,
            includes a comlink, a shoulder-mounted flood light and is self-
            patching, while providing decent protection against blaster fire
            (+2D+1 versus damange, -1D from Dexterity and related skills).

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