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"They don't have long. No one is coming to help them. And you are the one who led them here. Strike me down. Take the throne. Reign over a new empire, and the fleet will be yours. Only you have the power to save them. Refuse, and your new family dies.": Emperor Palpatine: Star Wars, Rise of Skywalker


12/April/2024 Posted by Freddy

        And my comics came out, so here's my review of the latest issue of Vader, Darth Vader: Issue 45: The Martyrium of Frozen Tears, where Vader is still gathering forces and power to use against Palpatine, but a confession reveals the possibility of something far more important to him.
        Back with some stat's from it tomorrow, and then the newest High Republic comic after. that


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11/April/2024 Posted by Freddy

        And back for this weeks review of The Bad Batch, Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Season 3 Episode 12: Juggernaut, where the Batch have to free an old enemy from captivity to gain access to information he might have on the location of Tantiss.


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06/April/2024 Posted by Freddy

        And the second of the two Bad Batch episodes this week, Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Season 3 Episode 11: Point of No Return, where the Empire tracks the Batch down, and comes for them with overwhelming forces and tactics.


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05/April/2024 Posted by Freddy

        So I'm back already with a review of this weeks Bad Batch, Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Season 3 Episode 10: Identity Crisis, where the regulars don't feature at all, and we spend the episode with Emerie Karr at Mount Tantiss and see the workings of Project Necromancer.
        Turns out I chose the week where there's two Bad Batch episodes to begin taking my break, so I'll be back again tomorrow for the second episode.

        Oh, and was excited to see the trailer for Tales of the Empire, which seems to be the second season of Tales of the Jedi, but focusing on the Imperial Inquisitors and Shin Hati, which looks pretty darn good, and is out in only a month.


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03/April/2024 Posted by Freddy

        Usually in March each year I take a few weeks off doing updates, because for some reason it's that time of the year I begin to feel burned out on producing something every day.
        But going in to March this year, I was feeling fine, I was reviewing fun stuff and getting additions made to the site. So was thinking of skipping the break this year.
        But as we go into April, the burn out has hit me hard. I think it was the technical problems that hit the site, spending a day digging through logs to get to the core of it, and then the unresponsiveness of my Web Hosting company, just created stress which stripped the fun from doing the updates each day.
        So, now is the time I'm going to take a break. But it's only going to be a partial break. We've got new episodes of The Bad Batch released each week for me to review, ready to do the stats at the seasons end, and I've got new issues of Vader and High Republic due in the next week. So I'll cover those as they're released, so while daily updates will stop for a few weeks, there will continue to be some limited activity on the site.
        And as always, a reminder that this isn't me stopping daily updates forever, I've still got loads of plans for the site. With the next big series I'll be covering is the Knights of the Old Republic comic series, 50 issues running from 2006 up until 2010. We'll have that interrupted by the stats for Bad Batch, and we've got The Acolyte, and Skeleton Crew coming up later in the year to review and stat as well. And finallu, I'll be covering the Sequel Trilogy in my completist fashion, covering every single thing mentions on their Wookieepedia pages. So big plans for the future, with loads of stuff to add to the site and blast us through the 10,000 stats level. So see you in a couple of days for the next review, and I'll be back to daily updates before the end of the month. . .


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