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Geonosian cart

Geonosian cart
Het Nkik (Jawa Hero)

Het Nkik (Jawa Hero)
The Keeper

The Keeper

CEC Ship Designer (

Corellian Engineering Corporation Designer

        This designer is for fun only, and although it is possible to create legitimate CEC YT-Series Vessels, it is also possible to create some of the most hideous abominations the galaxy has ever seen.

        For a downloadable version of your ship, move onto the next page using the "Assemble Ship" button, to move back to this screen use the button on the next page to return to designer, if you use the back button then this page will not show the changes you already made.

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Ship Name:


YT-1300 Type Center Cockpit:
YT-1700 Type Exploration Cockpit:
YT-1000 Type Center Cockpit:
YT-100 Type Left Cockpit:
YT-100 Right Cockpit:
YT-1300 Type Left Cockpit:
YT-1300 Type Right Cockpit:
YT-2400 Type Cockpit Left:
YT-2400 Type Cockpit Right:
YT-1400 Type Central Cockpit:
YT-1400 Type Left Cockpit:
YT-1400 Type Right Cockpit:
YT-2000 Type Central Cockpit:
Ghtroc Cockpit:
Fighter Style Cockpit:
Assault Center Cockpit:
Box Type Left Cockpit:
Box Type Right Cockpit:
Box Type Center Cockpit:
Outrigged Cockpit Left:
Outrigged Cockpit Right.:
Left Cockpit Front:
Right Cockpit Front:
Left Small Front Cockpit:
Right Small Front Cockpit:


Heavy Cargo Conversion Left:
Heavy Cargo Conversion Right:
Cargo Mandible Left:
Cargo Mandible Right:
YT-1900 Heavy Mandible Left:
YT-1900 Heavy Mandible Right:
YT-1900 Medium Mandible Left:
YT-1900 Medium Mandible Right:
YT-1900 Light Mandible Left:
YT-1900 Light Mandible Right:
Slender Mandible Left:
Slender Mandible Right:
Side Cargo Right:
Side Cargo Left:
YT-1300 Left Mandible:
YT-1300 Right Mandible:
YT-1000 Type Mandible Left:
YT-1000 Type Mandible Right:
YT-1760 Type Mandible Left:
YT-1760 Type Mandible Right:
Large Left Mandible:
Large Right Mandible:
Blade Left Mandible:
Blade Right Mandible:
Wing Left Mandible:
Wing Right Mandible:
YT-2000 Left Mandible:
YT-2000 Right Mandible:
YT-2000 Notched Hull:
YT-100 Type Forward Hull:
YT-1300 Type Extended Prow:
WR-524 Type Forward Hull:
Large External Box Containers Left:
Large External Box Containers Right:
Left Combat Mandible:
Right Combat Mandible:
Left Curved Mandible:
Right Curved Mandiblee:
Left Wide Curved Mandible:
Right Wide Curved Mandible:
Upper and Lower Cargo Clamps:

Docking Ports

YT-1300 Type Docking Tunnel Left:
YT-1300 Type Docking Tunnel Right:
YT-1300 Type Docking Tunnel Front:
YT-1300 Type Docking Tunnel Back:
YT-2000 Type Docking Left:
YT-2000 Type Docking Right:
YT-2000 Type Docking Front:
YT-2000 Type Docking Back:
YT-1000 Type Docking Tunnel Left:
YT-1000 Type Docking Tunnel Right:
YT-1000 Type Docking Tunnel Front:
YT-1000 Type Docking Tunnel Back:
YT-100 Type Docking Tunnel Left:
YT-100 Type Docking Tunnel Right:
YT-100 Type Docking Tunnel Front:
YT-100 Type Docking Tunnel Back:
Swept Back Docking Tunnel Left:
Swept Back Docking Tunnel Right:


YT-2400 Engine:
YT-1300 Custom Engines:
Yt-1300 Ducted Engine:
YT-1760 Engines & Rear Docking:
YT-1000 Engines:
YT-1200 Engines:
YT-1300 Racing Engines:
HT-2200 Cargo & Thrusters:
YT-1300 Standard Engine:
YT-2000 Type Engines:
CEC CR-90 Engines:
Ghtroc Engines:
Surronian Conqueror Engines:
Extended Engines:
Double Thrusters:
Split Bar Engine:
Quad Thrusters:
Heavy Booster Engine:
Outrigged Engines:
Directed Engines:
Koensayr Engines:
Vented Engine:
Baudo Engines:
WR-524 Engines:
YT-1930 Engines:
YT-2660 Engines:
ZZ-5000 Engines:
Outrigged Engines:
Luxor Compressed Drive:


Front Left Laser Cannon Turret:
Front Right Laser Cannon Turret:
Back Left Laser Cannon Turret:
Back Right Laser Cannon Turret:
YT-1200 Type Left Turbolaser:
YT-1200 Type Right Turbolaser:
Heavy Turret:
Pop-Up Right Turbolaser:
Pop-Up Left Turbolaser:
Forward Cannon Right:
Forward Cannon Left:
Quad Turret:
Back Turret:
Front Left Turret:
Front Right Turret:
Front Turret:
New Left Turret:
New Right Turret:
Left Turret:
Right Turret:


Large Sensor Dish Left:
Large Sensor Dish Right:
Large Sensor Dish Back:
Rectenna Left:
Rectenna Right:
Heavy Sensor Array Left:
Heavy Sensor Array Right:
Front Left Sensor Dish:
Front Right Sensor Dish:
Back Left Sensor Dish:
Back Right Sensor Dish:
Large Sensor Array Left:
Large Sensor Array Right:
Sensor Array Back:
Sensor Array Front Left:
Sensor Array Front Right:
Sensor Array Front:
Sensor Array Left:
Sensor Array Right:
Sensor Blister Right:
Sensor Blister Front Right:
Sensor Blister Back:
Sensor Blister Front:
Sensor Blister Left:
Sensor Blister Front Left:
Sensor Probe Left:
Sensor Probe Right:


YT-1930 Rear Cargo Pods:
External Cargo Pods:
External Armour Plating:
YT-1200 Type Forward Strut:
Forward Cargo:
YT-1300 Type Central Launcher:
Solar Right:
Solar Left:
Ghtroc Escape Pods:
Cargo Scoop:
Number of Passengers: