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Major Hewex View Update

01/November/2021 Posted by Freddy

        Given the number of Species already covered on the site, we're bounding through those from Star Wars: Episode One: The Phantom Menace, and todya we go through the "D"s, "E"s, "F"s and "G"s and only come up with four species. So today we've added Devlikk, Er Kit, Glymphid, & Gran to the Star Wars D/6 Species Section of the Site.
        And once again these are heavily based on already existing versions, with only minor changes made where I feel necessary for my own personal need to meddle with things.


Comments made about this Article!

01/Nov/2021 19:03:38 Posted by GMOverkill

I found out that the first three of these species had older entries (more like stubs without pictures), but the new ones are FAR superior. Always good work Webmaster. :)
Friendly greetings, GMOverkill.

02/Nov/2021 07:06:52 Posted by Freddy

Yep, many of these were originally from Dark Lords of the Sith, a website which used to support D6. When their site went down, I got permission to include all their content (some 1000 or so pages) onto RPGGamer.
But many of the species were very basic stubs, with stats and abilities. So I've built upon them, as not every decision they made I agree with, but I've tried to remain fairly close to these original versions.

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