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24/November/2021 Posted by Freddy

        When I was working my way through The Phantom Menace I made more work for myself by doing all the Non-Player Characters before I did the species. Meaning I had to go back and modify the characters with whatever I made the species with, or had to create the species and the character at the same time. So this time, while going through Star Wars: Episode 2: Attack of the Clones, I've decided to do the species first, then it's just be a matter of copy pasting their special abilities when I do the characters.
        So today we've added Arcona, Balosar, Clawdite, & Gran to the Star Wars D/6 Species Section of the Site, covering the letters A-G.
        As usual these are based on species from the Rulebooks or elsewhere online, but are modified to take into account factors which have been revealed since they were originally published, and for balance reasons. For example, the Gran as published had three attributes with maximums of 3D (or 3D+1 for mechanical), but only a bonus +1D on vision skill checks to balance it. And none of their other attributes are over human standard, not even Perception, when their whole thing is supposed to be extra eyes to make them more perceptive. So as well as their enhanced vision helping them detect deception, as apparently they can see heat and skin colour changes which help them detect emotions, I increased a couple of their attributes back to 4D, and increased their perception to balance one of the others which was lower.


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