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Korus (Human Tetan Tutor & Advisor)

Korus (Human Tetan Tutor & Advisor)
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Bo Keevil
Corellian Engineering Corporation YG-4210 Used Starship

Corellian Engineering Corporation YG-4210 Used Starship
Kassius Konstantine (Imperial Admiral)

Kassius Konstantine (Imperial Admiral)

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Droids D6


1P0 Protocol Droid
3D4X Administrative Droid
4P0 Protocol Droid
4XB Programming Droid
501-Z Police Droid
A-LT Utility Droid
AccuTronics I-1 Combat Instruction droid
AccuTronics M0-SR Pest Control Droid
Accutronics Model E Household Service Droid
Adascorp GG-series Hospitality Droid
Analytechnics Z44-Microdroid
Aqua droid
Arakyd "Asp" Probe and Scouting Droid
Arakyd - MedTech J3N-E Police Droid
Arakyd AD2B weapons maintenance droid
Arakyd Droid Interceptor
Arakyd Industries KX-series security droid
Arakyd Industries Viper Probe droid
Arakyd Mirage Z3 Probes
Arakyd Observation and Recording Droid
Arakyd RA-7 "Death Star" Droid
Arakyd Turret Droid
Architect droid
Archivist droid
Assassin droid
Axis Droid
Baktoid Combat Automata B2-HA series super battle droid
Baktoid Combat Automata B2-RP series rocket droid
Baktoid Combat Automata BX-series droid commando
Baktoid Combat Automata OOM-series battle droid
Baktoid Combat Automata T-series tactical droid
Battlefield Repair Droid
BB-series Astromech Droid
C1-series astromech droid
Camera Droid
Coachelle Automata LEP servant droid
Colicoids Sniper droideka
Commerce Guild Heavy Assault Droid
Confederacy of Independent Systems "Buzz Droid" Sabotage Droid
Confederacy of Independent Systems "Chameleon Droid" Covert Mine-Laying Droid
Confederation Super Battle Droid
Coruscant Police probe droid
Crash Test Droid
Crime scene analysis droid
Cybermata Lifting Droid
Cybot Galactica 2X Perimeter Security Droid
Cybot Galactica 3PX-series protocol droid
Cybot Galactica 4PZ Human-Cyborg Relations Droid
Cybot Galactica CLL-series load lifter
Cybot Galactica GU-series Guardian police droid
Cybot Galactica IM-6 battlefield medical droid
Cybot Galactica J-75 Translator Droid
Cybot Galactica JN Analysis Droid
Cybot Galactica M-3PO Military Protocol Droid
Cybot Galactica MTD Micro Translator Droid
Cybot Galactica N1 Nightmare (Fifth Degree Droid)
Cybot Galactica SP-4 Analysis Droid
CZ Secretarial/Communications Droid
Czerka Industries B Series Protocol Droid
Czerka Industries Defence and Patrol Droid
Dark Eye Probe Droids
Darktrooper Phase 01
Darktrooper Phase 02
Disposable Assassin Droid
Droid Holocam
Farming droid
FD4 Fighting Droid
FIDO Security Droid
First Order Patrol droid
First Order Sentry droid
G-3PO Gunnery Droid (Modified Cybot Galactica M-3PO Military Protocol Droid)
GA servant droid
Galactech BG-19 Repair Droid
Galactech Blue Four Loader Droid
Galactech Training Remote
General Purpose Worker Droid
GM-Series Protocol Droid
GOUD-Series Messenger Droid
Griven Battle Droid
Groundmech Salvage Assist Unit
GTAW welding droid
Guardian Corps
Guardian Security Droid
H0R-series Labor droid
Haxion Brood Bounty Droid
Heavy Loader Droid
High Republic Era MSE Series Droid
Holowan Laboratories IG-RM bodyguard and enforcer droid
Holowan Mechanicals IG-86 sentinel droid
Imperial R2 Assassin Droid
Imperial Tactical Assistant Droid
IN-4 Series Information Droid
Industrial Automaton A-10 Astromech Droid
Industrial Automaton ASP-series Labor droid
Industrial Automaton Binary Loadlifter
Industrial Automaton GL-2 general labour droid
Industrial Automaton Hyperborean (Third Degree Droid)
Industrial Automaton LF-44 Heavy Repair Mechanoid
Industrial Automaton LOM-series protocol droid
Industrial Automaton PLNK-series power droid
Industrial Automaton RX-Series pilot droid
Industrial Automaton SE8 waiter droid
Industrial Automaton T3 Technician Droid
Infiltrator/Demolition droid (I/D droid)
IT-S00.2 medical droid
JBL-series Labor droid
JJ Medical Droid
Kellenech Technologies LB-series bulk-loading droid
Kitch's Custom FUBAR droid thing
KUP24 Messenger Droid
L-1 tactical droid
L-1g general purpose droid
Lantern droid
LE-series Astromech droid
LeisureMech Enterprises BD-3000 Luxury attendant droid
LeisureMech Enterprises BD-3000 luxury droid
Les Tech M-38 Explorer Droid
Loronar Defence Industries GS-1 Automated Sentry Gun
Lothal Logistics Limited RQ protocol droid
Lotho Minor Fire-breather Refuse incinerator droid
LTV-108 Assassin Droid
Maintenence Droid
Mark-8 Destroyer Droid
MD Medical Droid
MD-15C medical droid
Mechanized Repair Assistant
Medtech Industries FX-7 Medical Assistant Droid
MerenData A4 laboratory assistant droid
MerenData EV-series supervisor droid
MerenData Storm Berserker-Class War Droid
MPH-series power droid
Neyrriar Automotronics CC-3 Security Droid
P2 Astromech Droid
PD Lurrian Protocol Droid
Phlut Industries IG Series Lancer Droid
Pit Droids
Police droid (spaceport model)
Probe killer
R-H029 sifter droid
R1 Astromech Droid
R2 Astromech Droid
R3 Astromech Droid
R4 Astromech Droid
R5 Astromech Droid
R6 Astromech Droid
R7 Astromech Droid
Rakatan StarForge Manufactured Battle Droid
Ran-D housekeeper droid
RanCorp Body Guard Droid
RanCorp SynthDroid
Refreshment Droid
Retail Caucus LR-57 combat droid
RIC-1200 Tour guide droid
Roche Hive 8D Series Smelting Operator
Roche J9 Worker Drone
SE-2 worker droid
SE-4 Servant Droid
Serv-O-Droid JV-Z1/D Butler Droid
Serv-O-Droid, Inc. RIC-series general labor droid
Serv-O-Droid, Inc. TT-8L gatekeeper droid
Slayer Attack Droid/Assault Fighter
SN-1F4 miniature sifter droid
SoroSuub Corporation FA-4 series Pilot droid
Staircase Droid
Star Navigator Droid
StarForge Built Sith Combat Droid
Stilleto Assassin Droid
Stone guardian
Tagge Industries L8-L9 Prototype Battle Droid
Techno Union D-wing Battle Droid
Techno Union LM-432 crab droid
Temere Corp PARA-5173
Temere Corporation Gattaca Class Androids
Temere Corporation Serpent Obliterator
Temere Guardian-class War Droid
Temere Sentinel War Droid
Trade Federation Advanced Destroyer Droid
Trade Federation Aquatic Battle Droid
Trade Federation Assault Destroyer Droid
Trade Federation Battle Droid
Trade Federation Battle Droid
Trade Federation Battle Droid Commander
Trade Federation Destroyer Droid
Trade Federation Destroyer Droid
Trade Federation F Series Battle Droid
Trade Federation Gunnery Battle Droid
Trade Federation Heavy Destroyer Droid
Trade Federation Light Destroyer Droid
Trade Federation Loader Droid
Trade Federation modified B1 battle droid (Rocket Battle Droid)
Trade Federation Pilot Droid
Trade Federation Prototype Battle Droid
Trade Federation Prototype Destroyer Droid
Trade Federation Security Droid
Trade Federation STAP Battle Droid
U2C1 Housekeeping Droid
Ubrikkian Steamworks DD-13 medical assistant droid
Umbaran Millicreep Assassin Droid
Unidentified medical droid
Utilitech RO Series Nanny Droid
VB1-19r VetDroid (and DetoxDroid conversion)
Vendor droid
Vertseth Automata Techno-service droid

Confederacy of Independent Systems


Arakyd Industries Chameleon Droid
Arakyd Industries Ringneck Recon Droid
Arakyd Industries Spelunker Probe Droid
Baktoid Combat Automata / Baktoid Armor Workshop B1 battle droid
Baktoid Combat Automata / Baktoid Armor Workshop Heavy Battle Droid
Baktoid Combat Automata Assault battle droid
Baktoid Combat Automata OOM-series security droid
Baktoid Combat Automata SRT autonomous short-range transport
Baktoid Combat Automata Super tactical droid
Battle droid assassin
Colicoid Creation Nest Pistoeka sabotage droid
Colicoid Creation Nest Scorpenek Annihilator Droid
Colicoids Destroyer Droid (Droideka)
Holowan Mechanicals IG-100 MagnaGuard
Kalibac Industries/Techno Union DLC-13 mining droid
NM-K Reconstitutors
Organic decimator
Phlac-Arphocc Automata Industries Q-series droideka
Phlac-Arphocc Automata Industries W-series droideka
Variant Techno Union LM-432 crab droid

Galactic Empire


Abominor (The Great Heep)
Arakyd Industries 13-K Infiltrator probe droid
Arakyd Industries BT-16 Perimeter Droid
Arakyd Industries ID10 Seeker Droid
Arakyd Industries ID9 seeker droid
Arakyd Industries Prowler 1000 Seeker Droid
Arakyd Industries Viper-Class Dwarf probe droid
Aratech Repulsor Company 11-3K viper probe droid
Baktoid Combat Automata DT-series Sentry Droid
Balmorran Arms SD-10 battle droid
Balmorran Arms SD-9-series battle droid
Cybot Galactica SP-4 ISC
E-XD infiltrator droid
Giant Mouse Droid
HK-87 assassin droid
IMG-099 Imperial Mark IV patrol droid
Imperial Department of Military Research 9D9-s54 Dianoga spy droid
Imperial Department of Military Research IT-O Interrogation Unit
Imperial Department of Military Research Mark IV Sentry Droid
Imperial Medical Droid
Imperial Nanny Droid
Imperial Police Droid
Imperial sentry droid
Imperial Warbot (Caterpillar tracked)
Industrial Automaton DTS-series Dismantler Droid
Rebaxan Columni MSE-6 series repair droid
Sienar Intelligence Systems Scarab Mark VI assassin droid
Slandarvs Battle Droid Model
TaggeCo Z-X3 experimental droid trooper
Tantiss Medical Droid
Third-Generation Dark Trooper


Balmorran Arms X-1 Viper Battle Automadon



Otoga-222 maintenance droid
0-LT utility droid
Arakyd Industries HL-444 hover loader
Arakyd Industries Prowler 1000 Exploration Droid
Arakyd Industries RA-7 protocol droid
ASN courier droid
BB-17-J Labor droid
BD Unit Explorer droid
Binoc droid
Cargo floater
Chroon-Tan B-Machine (EW-3 midwife droid)
Cinnagar foundries Krath war droid
Command bridge droid
Cyborg Mech Droid
Cyborg Spider Tank
Cybot Galactica AZ-series surgical assistant droid
Cybot Galactica IW-37 Pincer Loader Droid
Cybot Galactica LE manifest droid
Cybot Galactica LIN demolitionmech Autonomous Minelayer Droid
Cybot Galactica TC-series protocol droid
Cybot Galactica WED 15 Treadwell Droid
Cybot Galactica WED-1016 Repair Droid
Cybot Galactica WED-15 Septoid Treadwell
Cybot Galactica WED-15-XT Treadwell droid
Dissection droid
Dressing Droid
Droid Patch-in Unit
Electrorefining droid
Engineer Droid
Ferry Droid (Modified R2 Astromech)
Fiddler 10 Maintenance droid
Foot droid
Footman droid
Gand med droid
GH-7 medical droid
GoCorp/Utilitec WA-7 service unit
Goliath Lifter Labor Droid
Hangar deck scrubber droid
Industrial Automaton / Kuat Systems Engineering Q7-series Astromech Droid
Industrial Automaton 2-1B surgical droid
Industrial Automaton GNK Power Droid
Industrial Automaton R4-P Astromech Droid
Industrial Automaton/Publictechnic COO cook droid
K-series Astromech Droid
Kligsons Moon Guard Droid
KT-series Astromech Droid
Lerrimore Droids KPR Servant Droid
Loader Droid
Lothal Logistics Limited astromech droid
Luxury waiter droid
Mecho-organic droid
Medtech Industries FX-9 Surgical Assistant
MerenData V-series droid supervisor
Mini-Huvicko/Yuzabi Dowser Binary Hydromech Droid
MK3 mining droid
Muscle droid
Ore extraction droid
R0 astromech
Raxlo Security Droid
Scourge Controlled Techno Union Octuptarra Tri-Droid
Scourge Spider-droid
Senate cam droid
Serv-O-Droid DUM-series Maintenance droid
Serv-O-Droid, Inc. P-100 salvage droid
Serv-O-Droid, Inc. S0-1P autovalet droid
Serv-O-Droid, Inc. Safari Droid
Snic 2-4-2 Labor droid
SoroSuub Corporation FA-5 valet droid
Taxi Droid
Tetan Servant Droid
Tetan Torture Droid
Toy Droid
Tractor drone
Veril Line Systems EG-series Power Droid
Veril Line Systems EGL power droid
Weapons Droid
Wookiee-Buster AstroMech Armour
WSB-15 sabotage droid
XT-6 Service Droid



Baktoid Combat Automata BL-series Battle Legionnaire

New Republic


New Republic Parole Droid
New Republic security droid (type 1)
New Republic security droid (type 2)



Scav droid

Old Republic


Commando recon droid
Jedi Training Droid
Publictechnic CLE-004 window cleaning droid



LC-24 fire droid



Sith Elite Warbot

The First Order


Arakyd-Harch Technologies Spider Probe Droid
First Order Security Droid
IT-000 interrogator droid

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