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Vehicles D20

Confederacy of Independent Systems


Trade Federation AAT
Trade Federation AAT-W
Trade Federation MTT
Trade Federation STAP
Trade Federation Troop Carrier

Galactic Empire

Aquatic Vehicles

All-Terrain Armored Transport/Swimmer
All-Terrain Scout Transport/Swimmer
Urukaab Seatrooper APC
Urukaab Seatrooper Assault Submarine
Urukaab Seatrooper Patrol Transport

Ground Vehicles

Imperial Heavy Land-Cruiser
Imperial Light Land-Cruiser
Imperial Medium Land-Cruiser
Kuat Drive Yards MAVq A3 Land Crawler


Compact Assault Vehicle, Field Modified
Imperial APC Land-Cruiser
Imperial Armored Speeder
Imperial Cougar Medium Repulsortank
Imperial Ghest Heavy Repulsortank
Imperial Hover Train
Imperial Jagdghest Heavy Repulsortank
Snowtrooper Repulsor-Snowmobile
Speeder Bike
Speeder Bike with Sidecar Mount
Tagge class Mobile Artillery Laser cannon (Tagge SPAL)
Ubrikkian Industries I-Mk. V Lion Heavy Repulsortank
Ubrikkian Lynx Combat Support Repulsortank, Model A
Ubrikkian RLT-1(h) Repulsortank
Veers class Air Defence Missile Tank (Veers ADMT)


AT-CAT Command Walker
AT-IC All Terrain Ion Cannon
Imperial AT-ST/A Assault Walker
Imperial WUT-AT Assault Walker
TIE Walker


Aquatic Vehicles

Ubrikkian Serpent Assault Boat

Ground Vehicles

Generic Motorcycle
RanCorp Narill-Class APC
RX-79G Land Combat MS
Ventricon Enterprises A7V Light Tank


Anakin Skywalkers Podracer
Aquatic Airspeeder
Aratech AA-4 Mega Hauler
Aratech Air Taxi
Aratech B-A7 Cargo Airspeeder
Atreides Desert Ornithopter
Cron Horizon Corporation BOB-997 Air Siege Platform
Custom Sienar Labs Personal Speeder Bike
DeathTek Combat Platform
Feleini-Arat RepulsorMotors T29 Battle Tank
Feleini-Arat RepulsorMotors T30 Siege Tank
GenCorp Industries F-16/a
Harkonnen Air Superiority Ornithopter
Harkonnen Armored Transport
HARM Corps Armored Personnel Carrier
Heavy Rancor-class Repulsortank
Light Raptor-class Repulsortank
Marauder Medium Repulsortank
Medium Trell-Class Repulsortank
MetaCorp Hunter Killer
MetaCorp M11A1 APC
Naboo Flash Speeder
Nerical Neo-456 CAV
Nerical Neo-Y10 Riot Control Airspeeder
Nerical Neo-Y11 Anti-Uprising Tank
Nerical Xl-Y7 Secured Prisoner Transport Vehicle
Nerical Xr-32 Crowd Breaker Riot Control Vehicle
Police Speeder
RanCorp Behemoth Repulsor Tank
RanCorp Demolisher Repulsor Tank
RanCorp Galleon Armored Assault Vehicle
RanCorp Harasser Repulsortank
RanCorp Neo-773 Armored Attack Tank
RanCorp Ravisher Missile Car
RanCorp RWQ-490 STAP
RanCorp Vendetta Repulsor Tank
RanCorp WEQ-9-13 Repulsor bunker
Rancorp XL-35 Military Speeder Bike
Redhawk Swoop Bike
Sebulbas Podracer
Secor-Tech Flash Speeder K-01
SoroSuub /12/ Repulsortank
Sulovani Mark XX Tank
Sulovani Mark XXXIII Tank
TynIk Corporation CSR UT-38 Main Battle Repulsortank
TynIk Corporation CSR UT-38/125 Main Battle Repulsortank
TynIk Corporation CSR UT-38/130 Main Battle Repulsortank
Ubrikkian 5000 Racer
Vetricon Enterprises Buzzsaw-class Light Tank
Vetricon Enterprises Jack-Knife-class APC
Vetricon Enterprises Riole-class Medium Tank
ZevLon Armaments RT-32 Minotaur Combat Support Repulsortank


Destroyer Nuclear Assault Mech-Walker
Goliath-A Assault Walker
Goliath-B Assault Walker
Gustav Light Infantry and Communications Walker
HattMark Industries Ogre-Class Heavy Walker
HattMark Industries Outlaw-Class Light Walker
Loader Maintenence Walker
Metal Gear Nuclear Assault Walker
Nerical Neo-Y9 Riot Control Walker
RanCorp Scorpion All Terrain Artillery Walker
RanCorp Urban Terain Assault Transport (UT-AT)
REX Nuclear Assault Walker
Verdant Technologies AT-SW Security Walker

New Republic


Eagles Talon Heavy Repulsortank
Fatbod APC
Liberty Light Repulsortank
Modified Aratech 440 Super-Heavy Armored Chassis
Modified Aratech SRV1 Heavy Speeder Truck


New Republic Assault Walker
Republic Armored Assault Walker
Republic Scout Walker

Old Republic

Ground Vehicles

Mekuun Ripper-class APC


Feleini-Arat RepulsorMotors AFC
Naboo Security Force Flash Speeder
Naboo Security Force Gian Speeder
Ubrikkian Republic Repulsortank r1-H
Ubrikkian Republic Repulsortank r1-L
Ubrikkian Republic Repulsortank r1-M
Ubrikkian Republic Squad Runner APC r1-A

Palvar Sector

Ground Vehicles

Cruise Missile Battery


Falcon Combat Airspeeder
Hellfire Light Repulsortank
Kashan Industries CAV-A1
Kashan Industries HK-6 Hunter Killer
Kashan Industries HK-8 Hunter Killer
Kashan Industries P-38 Combat Airspeeder
Preybird Swoop
Vengeance Heavy Repulsortank

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