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Section of Site: Equipment D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: EQUIPMENTEra: ImperialCanon: Yes

Model: Neuro-Saav Technologies XX-23 Homing Beacon
Type: Homing beacon
Length: 5 cm
Range: Unlimited
Scale: Character
Cost: 4400 credits
Availability: 4, x
Game Notes: When planted on a ship it can track the vessel through Hyperspace with incredible accuracy across inhabited space, however once a ship travels out of inhabited space and beyond the range of the Holonet only the direction is sent not an exact location.

Description: The XX-23 homing beacon was an s-thread tracking device produced by Neuro-Saav Technologies and used during the Galactic Civil War.

The XX-23 was a small cylinder that broadcast a continuous signal that could be received by HoloNet s-threads. A dedicated computer would then be able to determine when the ship crossed an s-thread and plot its course with this information.

It could be attached to the hull of a ship via a molecular bonding agent. It would use a ship's heat and radiation emissions to power itself, making it more difficult to detect than other trackers.

The homing device planted onboard Millennium Falcon by a HMOR homing droid was a variant of the XX-23 design.

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