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Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures: Season 1: Story 27: Charhound Chase

What is it ? : The Young Jedi are training with their lightsabers, when Jedi Master Loden Greatstorm and his Padawan Bell Zettifar arrive, Greatstorm is going to give a lesson and the Young Jedi are very excited. Kai is even more excited when Zettifar reveals he has brought his pet Charhound with him.
The others leave with Greatstorm to tour the Temple, while Kai and Zettifar remain to let the Charhound get some exercise after being cooped up in a starfighter during the journey. The two Jedi take turns using the force to hurl a stick for the Charhound to chase, but Kai gets too excited and hurls the stick off into the distance with the Charhound chasing it.
Zettifar gives some lessons on controlling his powers to Kai while they wait for the Charhound to return, but it doesn't so they set off to retrieve it. They follow the burn marks in the foliage that the Charhound has left behind, and after a couple of mishaps caused by Kai's over-excitement they discover the Charhound is being chased by a Gangul. Zettifar convinces the Gangul to play fetch and gets Kai to help him levitate a branch for it to chase after, and they return with the Charhound to the Jedi Temple just in time for Greatstorm's lesson.
Afterwards, Kai wishes that he could be as good a Padawan as Zettifar is one day, and Zettifar tells him that he was very much like Kai when he was younger, and he hopes to have a Padawan as enthusiastic as Kai is one day. . . .

High Points : They're moving into episodes where they focus on one or other of the Young Jedi more, which gives them a little more depth, and this episodes focus on Kai does allow him more emotional depth. We get to see that while he is the overly confident one of the group, he is also perhaps the one most worried about failing. He rushes into prove himself and learn from Zettifar, who is everything Kai wants to grow to be, but then is equally scared he will never match up to his standards.
While this isn't really anything new, it's nice to see him shown off as a more rounded individual with different aspects to his character, rather than him just being as one dimensional as he has sometimes appeared.

Low Points : Maybe because the episode is introducing us to some other of the characters from the High Republic Era, but this is perhaps the most simplistic of the storylines we've seen, with no twist or surprises in the storyline. It's basically, dog gets lost, dog is fighting bear, owner scares bear away to rescue dog, we've seen this in more terrestrial stories many times.

So what do you really think ? : The continuing fleshing out of the Era, with us now getting some characters from other of the High Republic media is nice, makes it really feel as if the series fits within this era better, rather than totally standing on it's own, which is how it's often seemed.

Final Words : The lesson this time seems to be that "it's alright to make mistakes, everybody does", which I think is an important lesson, we're all learning and making mistakes every day, and sometimes that's not clear to kids that we're all making this up as we go along.

Score : 8/10

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