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The Acolyte: Season 1: Episode 6: Teach / Corrupt

What is it ? : Osha awakens in a cave, she finds her stuff neatly stacked next to the entrance, and elsewhere in the cave is the helmet of the Dark Sider which killed the Jedi on Khofar, she recognises the metal in it (Cortosis) as also being thick veins in the rock around her. Exiting she finds herself on a beach, and spots Qimir walking away.
She follows him and he strips down and bathes in a sea pool, she approaches his stuff and takes his Lightsaber. Without looking he asks her how holding it feels, telling her that to him it feels powerful. He approaches her and redresses as she threatens him with the lightsaber, and she asks if she is a prisoner, to which he tells her that she is the one holding the weapon. And she can leave anytime, the ship is nearby and she can easily swim there.
Meanwhile aboard his ship, Sol contacts the Jedi, and the signal is broken, but he manages to tell them his entire team were killed, before the power on the ship cuts out. He speaks to who he assumes is Osha (but is actually Mae) telling her that he will tell her the truth, but they must restore the power on the ship. Bazil the tracker watches, sniffing, and then reactivates Pip.
As she attempts to repair the ship, Mae is attacked by Pip (who squirts oil in her face) and Bazil (who stamps on her foot), but she repairs the ship and returns to the cockpit, but Sol stuns her into unconsciousness, calling her by her true name.
On Coruscant, a Jedi tells Vernestra Rwoh of the communication received from Sol, and she decides to go and investigate, the Jedi asks her if she is sure as Hyperspace makes her ill, she corrects him, Hyperspace makes her uneasy, and she will cope.
As the Jedi ship arrives at Khofar, Sols ship jumps away moments before, and the Jedi land on the planet to investigate, and find the bodies of the dead Jedi. The Jedi accompanying Rwoh thinks that something has happened to Sol, as he is missing and the Jedi were murdered using a Lightsaber, an accusation that Rwoh questions as being extreme. They are attacked by one of the large insect creatures, which Rwoh kills with her lightsaber / lightwhip.
Aboard the ship, Mae awakens to find herself strapped to the medical bed, and Sol tells her it is time he confessed to the High Council. She asks him what he intends to confess, and he tells her that she doesn't know everything which happened on Brendok.
Back on the island, Qimir and Osha have returned to the cave, and Qimir reveals he used to be a Jedi a long time ago, and he received his scars from someone who betrayed him and stabbed him in the back. He pushes Osha as to why she isn't currently a Jedi, how the Jedi rejected her, and she ignites the lightsaber in anger, holding it at his throat as she reveals that it was her failure that stopped her being a Jedi.

High Points : So this is the one where we find out more about Qimir, he was a Jedi a long time ago, and he was betrayed, and he has scars which resemble whip marks on his back, so perhaps this is all down to a Rwoh / Qimir being Master and Apprentice at some point? But this information is doled out, and we continue to be teased with whatever really happened on Brendok.
Sol falling for Mae's deception works really well, it seems silly it should work at all, but he is distracted by his failing, his actions have led to the deaths of all of the Jedi that accompanied him, he is traumatised. But he recovers quickly, and realises, perhaps with the help of Pip and Bazil that she is the wrong sister.

Low Points : After the action of last episode, this one is slow. And while I've liked the slow investigation of the previous episodes, this one is just too slow. We know what we want to find out, and the episode is just teasing us at this point. It might just be putting all the pieces in place for the season finale, but we really should have had some mysteries revealed by now.

So what do you really think ? : This episode while entertaining enough, it looks nice, there's some really Star Wars moments in it, but nothing really happens which couldn't have been added to last episode in around 5 minutes. We're heading for the conclusion, so things should speed up now, we've got secrets to reveal, and probably some action in the finale, but they're just dragging the story out to fill the number of episodes at this point, it'd be nice if they had a story and just told it over the number of episodes / hours it needs.

Final Words : So 2 episodes to go, and the big question remains, what happened on Brendok which Sol feels so bad about, and another Jedi felt the need to commit suicide over? And will the sisters swap places with Osha becoming Qimir's acolyte, and Mae redeeming herself and joining the Jedi. Which feels like it's going to happen, but isn't that interesting really.

Score : 8/10

Comments made about this Article!

05/Jul/2024 01:33:35 Posted by

Well, the deception didn't last long. And it looks like we're getting the main mystery solved next week.

Now I'm doubting if Qimir is a Sith acolyte. A servant of the dark side? Yes. There are speculations about him being the forerunner of the Knights of Ren, who are dark side acolytes. Those Acolytes of the Beyond? They're Sith worshippers, but not Force-sensitives.

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