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Wookiee Bowcaster
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Armitage Hux (As of The Last Jedi)

Armitage Hux (As of The Last Jedi)

Knights of the Old Republic 13: Days of Fear, Part 1

What is it ? : We start with a cybernetically enhanced Duro examining security footage and he spots Camper disguised as a Baron at the bank on Telemir, and he informs someone called Lord Adasca.
Meanwhile on Ralltiir Zayne and Jarael are sparring, she beats him down and grabs his lightsaber slashing at him as he shouts for her to stop, raising his hands in front of him to defend. But the lightsaber doesn't penetrate some armbands which glow with energy.
Camper explains that they're Phrikite Vambraces he's built as he's noticed that Jedi tend to lose hands a lot. We then discover that the team is splitting, Camper, Elbee and Jarael are leaving on The Last Resort, as they're being hunted by one group of people, and Zayne and Gryph are being hunted by a different group of people, so it doesn't make sense to all be in the same place at the same time. Gryph has already departed with his money to get a new ship, so Zayne leaves to catch up with him and watches the Last Resort fly off.
When Zayne catches up with Gryph he is disturbed to find him being obvious in the main market of the settlement. Gryph explains that Ralltiir is in the same situation that Taris was, a potential target for the Mandalorians. And he tells Zayne that there's profit to be made as people disregard their prosperity for security in times like that, and he can take advantage. He also reassures Zayne that he's sorted out a ship for them.
In orbit, Camper and Jarael spot a massive Republic fleet in orbit around the planet, and hope that Zayne and Gryph will be able to slip past it, but in the cargo hold a container they loaded on Ralltiir slowly opens.
At the landing pad, Gryph explains that he's paid someone to steal him a ship, so he's not paying the value for the ship, just the delivery fee. The ship arrives, piloted by a Trandoshan, but he pulls a gun on Gryph telling him that while he might not be the mightiest hunter, he does know enough that if Gryph is willing to pay 9,000 then he's got ten times that amount. Gryph indicates to Zayne to use the force to break open a conduit, and wrenches the pilot out of the way, claiming to have saved his life and therefore be worthy of a healthy discount on the ship. However the Trandoshan declares that he now owes Gryph a life debt and will serve him.
They come under attack as the original owners of the ship turn up, so they quickly launch into space, where it becomes obvious that the ship is a supply vessel for the Republic Fleet, so to avoid being spotted and caught in tractor beams they have to join with the fleet as it jumps out.
On board The Last Resort, Camper spots the opened cargo container, and a mechanical voice identifies him as the target. Jarael hears the noise so rushes to help, spotting a droid which identifies itself as an HK-24, which decides to eliminate her as she is not it's target. . . .

High Points : The banter between Gryph and Zayne continues to be one of the most entertaining elements of the series, with Gryph's plan to con the Trandoshan going wrong, and him now ending up with a fairly incompetent servant. Which means free labour, so Gryph will be more than happy to exploit him.

Low Points : So the group is breaking up, which makes sense logically, they're both being hunted, so it makes sense to not draw attention to each other by hanging out in one big group. However they've covered for each other so much, that now they've got some money, it'd be far easier for them to just find somewhere out of the way to hide out. But I suppose Gryph wants to be where he can make money, and Zayne wants to hunt down the Jedi Masters, so doesn't want to be far from the action of the Mandalorian wars.

Gryph "saves" the Trandoshan's life, so is owed a Life Debt? I thought that was Wookiee's? I suppose Trandoshans and Wookiees have interlinked cultures, so might have a similar concept, but it seems unlikely. But I do take it this might just be an aspect of Trandoshan culture that I've just never witnessed before, and just found it odd.

And again it might just be a gap in my knowledge, but I thought he HK series of droids were built by Revan? HK-47 definitely is, so why is a HK-24 hunting Camper, when Revan at this point is a member of the Jedi Order.

So what do you really think ? : After rushing through the last story, we're getting a lot of set up for the next, the characters ending up in various places in various groupings. Which I have to admit I'm not keen on, I'd definitely prefer if they'd give their stories time to be told, before rushing onto the next and having to do a lot of storytelling to get everything ready for this next tale.

Final Words : So someone is hunting for Camper and is sending assassin droids after him, and Zayne and Gryph are part of the Republic fleet which as well as fighting the Mandalorians is also hunting for them, not a safe place to be. It seems like a good set up, but we'll see where it goes from here.

Score : 8/10

Comments made about this Article!

09/Jul/2024 13:18:30 Posted by Lanceor

Pour les modèles HK, ils étaient historiquement développés par la Czerka. HK-47 a été construit par Revan, sur la base des plans de HK-24.
Plus d'info sur :


09/Jul/2024 13:36:26 Posted by

I hear you about the Trandoshan. I always wondered if the people behind the comics got mixed up. Trandoshan giving a life debt? Wookies? Yes. Gungans? Sure. Trandoshans?

And you'd think Gryph would have his priorities straight. Want to con and make money? Okay. How about getting yourself to safety or at least out of the spotlight first? There's a target on your back, and the longer you're in the open, the better the chance of getting hit.

12/Jul/2024 00:28:17 Posted by Freddy

After reading through the above mentioned Wookieepedia page, I now understand.
Revan built HK-47, in the same way Anakin built C-3PO. He didn't come up with the design, and he didn't manufacture the parts, but he build it from a design, and somewhat customised it. So HK-47 is just a custom build of the HK-24 mass produced droids. Before reading that, I thought that HK-47 was a totally custom build by Revan.

Life Debt's really don't feel very Trandoshan to me, they're more about the hunt, like Rodians, it seems weird to add Life Debt's to their culture as well.

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